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Why Perception?

Here are some of the things that make us beautifully different


“I have worked with Perception for over 18 years on my various websites.

Every time there has to be a creative approach, as well as keeping the website easy to use, so people visiting the site don’t lose interest quickly.

I have a large volume of people visiting my sites, so it is very important to keep them updated regularly. Perception have always been prompt with any requests we have for updates. All in all I’m very satisfied with their work.”

Ray Wilson / Musician

“We needed a new website that reflected the exciting new products and services that we had recently launched.

The site needed to visually reflect the quality of our replacement roof systems, and Perception did not disappoint.

It was also important that potential customers could easily request a quotation, this has worked very well, considerably increasing online enquiries.”

Richard / RF Construction
Louise Rutkowski
“I have been working with Perception Design since 2014 and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Their skills, patience, and creative vision have allowed me to have a professional-level website to promote my music in a very competitive marketplace.
Perception are very supportive of my needs (as they are now and when they need to change) and are, most importantly, reliable.
Working as an independent musician has its challenges, so having a company like Perception to take the stress away from what is a vital part of your promotional strategy, is worth its weight in gold!”
Louise Rutkowski / Musician

“I was delighted with the creative, clear and professional service Perception offered.

Communication was timely and friendly, and there was an excellent balance between being able to express my own ideas and being guided towards best functionality for the site. It has been an enjoyable, stress free and exciting experience.

I would highly recommend the service and will be returning to Perception as my business develops.”

Laurie / Curativate